Why Janitorial Insurance is all About Risk Management

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Do you need Janitorial Insurance? Running a successful janitorial services business relies on two crucial factors: Your knowledge and experience of client needs and your ability to manage the unique risks you face every day. Why is risk management so important? Unlike most businesses, firms that provide janitorial and cleaning services spend most of their time in other people's buildings and handling others' property. This relies on several key factors, including: Wise selection of employees -- that means trustworthy individuals capable of handling the physical demands of the job, and the ability to follow instructions, often without close supervision. Properly trained employees -- equipping them with the skills to do their jobs effectively, with additional training for new job challenges. Documented safety processes -- for example, wearing the right clothing, using equipment correctly, knowing how to lift safely, and so on. Th ...

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Important Insights into Texas Law Firm Insurance

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Texas Law Firm Insurance What keeps you awake at night? If you're an attorney, senior executive or owner of a legal firm, the threat of a malpractice suit or the loss of confidential client data probably ranks pretty high.  You don’t need us to tell you that we live in a litigious age. Or that the cost of defending and settling lawsuits is on the rise. So, knowing the you're properly protected against these and other risks are critical to your peace of mind.  How long has it been since you reviewed your current law firm insurance policies? Or, if you're newly set up, how much time have you been able to devote to investigating the coverages you need? Unless you can answer either of those questions positively, here's some useful food for thought about securing the right -- and the most appropriate -- coverage for your firm. What Types of Legal Practice Insurance Do I Need? Without a doubt, the most essential insurance protection a law firm needs is pr ...

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Is your Restaurant fully insured?

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Get the Buzz about Insurance in the Texas Restaurant Biz Entrepreneur and author Richie Norton once wrote (in his book The Power of Starting Something Stupid) that procrastination is "like going to a fancy restaurant and filling up on bread and not leaving enough for dinner." Very funny. But if you're actually in the restaurant business -- or thinking about it -- procrastination, the avoidance of making a decision, has very serious implications when it comes to the topic of buying insurance. Dining out, whether it's at a fast food burger joint or a Michelin starred restaurant is growing fast in popularity. But with that growth come new and bigger risks. In the haste to serve your growing horde of customers, beat your competitors and earn a good profit, there's an increasing danger that you might overlook the protection you need to secure the future of your business. It's maybe not that you totally forget about insurance -- although that happens -- but you procrastinate ...

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Strategies for Preventing Kitchen Fires

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Keep your restaurant safe from fires with these tips from Pasadena Insurance.  Most restaurant kitchen fires can be prevented. Having the right restaurant insurance policy can give you a peace of mind when running your restaurant.  Contact us today for your free quote!

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Do tutoring or learning centers really need coverage for sexual abuse and molestation?

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In today's news, we too often hear stories about educators being accused of performing inappropriate acts with our children.

Tutoring and Learning centers are not immune to these accusations!

We have found that a large number of tutoring and learning centers have excluded abuse and molestation from their insurance protection. Unfortunately, we know of a story involving a national educational center who did not have the right liability coverage and was forced to pay the price.

Pasadena Insurance Agency has partnered with a nationally known carrier willing to provide coverage for Tutoring and Learning Centers without excluding abuse and molestation.

The carrier is extremely experienced with defending these types of allegations, which ultimately keeps your business protected. Click here to fill out a free quote form request for Tutoring Learning Center Insurance