Boat Insurance in Houston Texas

Boat Insurance in Houston Texas

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Texas Boat Insurance

Getting out on the water in your watercraft is can be a wonderful escape from the day-to-day. But, having fun on the water can also increase liability risks.

If you have spent any time in the water, be it a lake, river or ocean, you know what can happen, and you know it can happen quickly.

At Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc., we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise boat insurance needed for your vessel.

Let’s make sure your “financial boat” doesn't sink should you encounter rough waters!

<strong>Boat Insurance: What&#8217;s Covered</strong>

Boat Insurance: What’s Covered

Does home insurance cover your boat?

The fact is, homeowners policies usually place numerous restrictions on boat owners, depending on the size and horsepower of your watercraft.

In other words, if you don't carry a boat insurance policy, you may be underinsured.

So what is covered? Typical coverages should include:

  • Personal liability
  • Boat
  • Motor
  • Trailer
  • Medical and physical damage perils

We also provide insurance for the following types of boats and personal watercraft:

  • Runabout
  • Mini Jet Boat
  • Sailboat
  • Pontoon
  • House Boat
  • Cabin Cruiser
  • Other Fishing Boat
  • Bass Boat

Get Discounts on Your Boat Insurance

We also work with carriers who provide boat insurance discounts. Here are a few ways you may be able to save:

  • Own your home
  • Have idle assisted steering installed
  • Insure multiple vessels
  • Bundle other kinds of insurance
  • Are the original owner
  • Pay your policy in full each year
  • Have a clean automobile driving record
  • Have a safety course certification

There are even more ways to save on boat insurance, but the only way to truly determine the best policy for you is to have a quick chat about your needs and the amount of protection for income and assets that you will require.

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As serene as the water appears is when a storm will rear up or another boat will lose an engine in the marina and collide into you.

A boating accident can ruin your peace of mind, finances, and it can take a life.

At Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. we have protected the residents of Houston from boating accidents since 1936. We know our area and the waters around it.

Complete the form below before that boat launches. The professionals at Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. will contact you with boat protection that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as in dollars and cents.

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