Announcing Our New ‘High Tech’ Partnership

Announcing Our New ‘High Tech’ Partnership

February 10, 2021

In 2021, the PIAI team is excited to announce a new partnership with the High Tech Texan radio show. Valued client and dynamic Texan, Michael Garfield hosts a Saturday morning radio show on KPRC AM 950. 

The High Tech Texan features real world conversations and feedback on all things tech. From apps to devices to video games and travel,  Michael is your go-to resource in the world of technology. He provides easy-to-understand commentary, answers and recommendations for technology and consumer products.

It is pretty amazing to see how technology touches all aspects of our lives. 

At Pasadena Insurance Agency, we embrace the high tech nature of modern life. From our team to our family, we know everyone is online and connected nearly 24/7. There are a lot of amazing technology advancements happening...especially in the Houston area.

As your hometown insurance experts, we also know the risks that can come, both personally and professionally, when we are always connected online. There are many vulnerabilities in your home when you start installing new equipment, connecting new appliances, or just want to stream the latest Netflix show. 

The High Tech Texan talks about all these great gadgets, ideas, and capabilities. At Pasadena Insurance Agency, we help clients with the right type of coverage to cover all the high tech needs of modern life.

Cyber Liability at Home

With the advance of “smart homes” and home automation technology, you can control your lights, television, outside cameras or pool systems digitally. For every device, appliance, or system that connects to the Internet, your systems are vulnerable if you have a break in your firewall protection.

So, many families don’t stop to think about these types of digital vulnerabilities. That is one reason we feel our partnership with the High Tech Texan show makes sense - to educate listeners to protect yourself, your family, and your identity while creating a high tech home. There is insurance that can protect your personal assets against these cyber vulnerabilities. Contact our team to request a quote.

High Tech Equipment Damages

Additionally, when your equipment at home breaks down, you want to be protected with coverage for those assets you’ve installed in your home. For example, what will happen during storm season when a power surge blows out your expensive tv or air conditioning system? 

There is equipment break-down insurance that will cover replacing that equipment. This makes it easy to enjoy your home technology and “smart home” features without the worry of damage, risk, or exposures. Get a quote from our team.

It is great to learn about the latest in technology news and advancements. Michael Garfield’s show is a highlight in our week. We listen to him every Saturday and know that his passion and expertise for all high tech industries is top notch.

Whether you need home and auto insurance for your family or want to have your business covered for any liabilities, workers compcyber liability, or E&O coverage, our team is here to serve you, your family, and your business.

If you aren’t already tuning in, mark your calendar for Saturday mornings starting at 11am Central time. “If it beeps or buzzes, goes fast or goes down smooth, Michael has an opinion and a broad audience who depend on him for his expert knowledge and insight."

Learn more about Michael Garfield and the High Tech Texan radio show.

Need help with your insurance coverage? Contact our team. We can review your current plans and provide a custom proposal for the right amount of coverage. Give us a call at 713-869-6991.

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