3 Safety Tips for Electrical Contractors

3 Safety Tips for Electrical Contractors

December 02, 2020

In the electrical contracting business, safety is a top priority. On-the-job safety hazards can result in workplace injuries such as electrical shock, burns, and even exposure to mold, fungus, or bacteria. Offsite risks can include any accidents that happen as an alleged result of work completed.

Lack of proper protection is not an option here. It only takes one minor oversight to be the difference between safety & exposure. 

Even still, there’s no reason to panic. There are several ways you can protect yourself and your business from harm - onsite and off it. Keep reading to learn 3 safety tips for electrical contractors.

Emphasize Employee Training

Proper training is the first step to staying safe in the electrical contracting business. 

According to OSHA guidelines, when employees are trained to work safely, through the requirements, they should be able to anticipate and avoid injury from job-related hazards.

When assessing job-site risk, ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Do your employees have the skills and techniques necessary to distinguish exposed live parts from other parts of electric equipment? 
  2. Do they possess the skills and techniques necessary to determine the nominal voltage of exposed live parts?

If the answer to either of these questions is “no”. You may need to find employees with more experience for your electrical contracting business. 

Understand Common Dangers

Electrical contracting poses unique risks not commonly seen in other jobs. Some of the most common dangers contractors may face are:

  • Slip & fall-related injuries
  • Electric Shock, electrocution, and/or electrical burns
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Injury from falling or flying objects
  • Collisions or accidents in commercial vehicles
  • Liability for alleged customer injury

You may not always be able to avoid such risks, but the key to mitigating them is to understand why they happen and take any and all necessary safety precautions to protect yourself. 

Take Safety Precautions On and Offsite

The first step in taking proper safety precautions is to ensure that your employees are properly trained. Next, you’ll want to tackle onsite risks by maintaining a clean & clutter-free workspace, keeping equipment updated, and following OSHA guidelines while working.

And finally, remember not all dangers electrical contractors face happen on the job. In fact, commercial vehicle hazards and issues relating to completed electrical jobs can be just as if not more devastating than workplace injuries. Get the coverage you need with a custom insurance plan for electricians

There’s no one-size-fits-all plan so you want to make sure you’re getting coverage for areas that affect your business such as general liability, business property, commercial auto insurance, or worker's comp.

Next Steps for Electrical Contractors

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