Assessing Your Current Homeowner’s Insurance

Assessing Your Current Homeowner’s Insurance

November 06, 2019

With ever-fluctuating home values, are you confident your homeowner's insurance policy limits are enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home, should the unexpected happen?

The cost of rebuilding your house may be higher than the price you paid for it or the price you could sell it for today. As a homeowner, you need to protect your investment. The following tips will help you ensure you have the coverage you need—eliminating worry and additional hassles.

  • Review your policy at least once a year with your agent and before any major updates or purchases.
  • Understand your policy so you know exactly what it covers. Your agent should be able to explain what you have.
  • Purchase additional protection for floods and windstorms if you are along the coast.
  • Insure home improvements, remodeling projects, and home upgrades.
  • Understand that demolition, debris removal, worksite access, and updated building codes drive up the cost to rebuild.
  • Take increasing construction costs into account when planning to rebuild

All of these factors can impact your insurance coverage. In the event of an unforeseen accident or loss of your home, you want to be covered for all costs. The right high-value homeowner's insurance policy will cover replacement costs, or payment for the cost to repair or replace the damaged property using similar materials. However, you will want to purchase additional insurance to cover jewelry, collections, artwork, and memorabilia.

Partner Insurance Spotlight - Chubb's High-Value Homeowner's Insurance

Pasadena Insurance Agency has partnered with Chubb for high-value homeowner insurance because they are raising the bar when it comes to what you should expect from your homeowner's insurance coverage.

High-value home insurance from Chubb closes the gap between regular home insurance replacement cost and the full replacement cost to rebuild your home no matter the cost. This is the only way to guarantee you will be able to rebuild what you have lost.

Who needs high-value homeowner's insurance?

Any successful individual or family with a home valued over $1,000,000 needs to consider a Chubb homeowner's policy to make sure you are properly protected in the event of a disaster.

Chubb has a 97% satisfaction rating by its current policy owners. Here's why…

  1. Specifically designed, high-value homeowners insurance to rebuild (for homes $1 million or more)
  2. Full replacement cost to rebuild your home no matter the cost
  3. Comparable temporary housing that suits your lifestyle
  4. 24-hour access to fast claim service
  5. Cash-out option after a loss (up to your policy limit
  6. Coverage for current building code requirements
  7. Insure the replacement value of your belongings
  8. Coverage for water backup damages
  9. Premium discounts on policy bundles for home and auto policies

You'll be surprised how affordable a Chubb policy can be to cover your whole house with a high-value home policy. Feel satisfied and secure knowing that your homeowner's policy will cover your home in case of a disaster.

Pasadena Insurance Agency is a Cornerstone agency which is one of only eight Houston area agencies designated as an elite agency for Chubb. We've proudly earned this elite designation for 8 consecutive years and have seen the true value of a Chubb homeowner's policy work for many of our clients.

This means Pasadena Insurance and its clients are provided with greater service and coverage standards. The most impactful benefits to you include:

  • Direct access to Senior Chubb Executives
  • 24-Hour access to Cornerstone Customer Service Unit
  • Access to special claims contacts in the event of a loss

We want to help you protect those details that make a house a home.

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