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Are you and your belongings properly protected?

Consider the following three situations:

  • A piece of fine, expensive jewelry is stolen before being added to a policy.
  • A flash flood results in two feet of filthy sewer water in your family room.
  • You meant to increase your auto liability insurance limits from $100,000 but did not. Now, after a car accident, you are threatened by a suit from the other driver requesting $300,000 for pain, suffering and loss of income.

Could you take the financial hit resulting from any of these three or countless other unpredictable personal scenarios that occur on a daily basis in the Houston area?

Protect your valued personal possessions, family and loved ones with a carefully crafted insurance program from Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc.. We have served the residents of the Houston area since 1936!

Get The Protection You Need!

Our veteran agents are prepared to discuss all aspects of your personal protection with you, including:

  • Home Insurance: Appropriate liability limits and possession insurance for your most prized asset
  • Fine Art and Jewelry: Protection for the tastefully acquired gains of a lifetime of hard work
  • Flood:  Awareness of the potential ravages that can occur from raging water and how to guard against them
  • Auto:  Thoroughly review of all of the insurance you need (and do not need) for your automobiles
  • Motorcycle: Make sure that this inexpensive but vital insurance protects you from all angles
  • Aviation: Cover your airplane so that you can fly with total peace of mind
  • Umbrella Insurance: Ensure that you have an extra level of limits to protect your assets as they grow

Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. in Houston, TX

For all of your personal insurance needs, turn to the professionals at Pasadena Insurance. As lifelong residents of the Houston community, we know the people, the area and how to create an insurance plan that will create the haven of protection you need.

Complete the Free Quote Request form on this page and you will receive immediate attention from one of our seasoned insurance veterans.

Don't just quote, understand!

At Pasadena Insurance, we believe consumers should be educated on their purchasing decisions. You're not buying insurance just because you need to. You're buying it because you want to be protected in case anything bad happens.

That's why we've also created a Research Center with articles to help you. Inside, you'll find help with topics like…

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…And More!