Tutoring Center Insurance in Texas

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If you already own a tutoring center then you already know how seriously your clients value their child's education.

You probably also know the growing number of lawsuits being filed by some dissatisfied clients.

You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy. But your business is unique and you need a tutoring center insurance policy that protects you from its unique risks.

Here are three reasons to get started right now!

  1. Make sure that you and your employees are protected from lawsuits that could close your business.
  2. Make sure you are aware of potential gaps in your insurance protection.
  3. Get started right away with a no-risk quote. Just fill out the quote form above and we'll get back to you with a custom designed tutoring center insurance policy that is affordable and offers you the protection you need.

Exactly The Protection You Need

Contact the professionals at Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. for your insurance. We will work with you to design an insurance program that provides the best coverage we can find within your budget to properly protect your tutoring center.

You will want to consider the following types of insurance:

  • Workers Compensation protects your employees and gets you in compliance with state law.
  • General Liability insures your firm against property and injury claims including slander and libel.
  • Educators Professional Liability will protect you against accusations of failing to educate a student.
  • Employment Practice Liability will protect you and your firm from claims related to workplace discrimination and other malfeasance.
  • Commercial Auto will insure your hired and non-owned autos while they are used in the scope of employment.

Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. in Houston, TX

We have been helping tutoring centers with their insurance since 1936. We understand the special needs of your business. We also have access to many business insurance markets. From them, we will select the insurance program that provides the deepest coverage for you at the most favorable cost.

Complete the Free Quote Request form on this page, today. Discover how we can partner with you to create a well protected tutoring center.

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