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Let us tell you why you should trust us with your commercial insurance...

  • Sexual Abuse and Molestation excluded and there is no coverage offered with your current provider. We assure you we DO cover this!
  • Professional/Educators Legal Liability is excluded.  Your current provider doesn't offer this, WE do!
  • Shared limits for both property and liability with all 1500 franchises.  We offer INDIVIDUAL limits tailored to YOUR needs!

Get The Protection You Need!  

Our veteran agents are prepared to discuss all aspects of your protection with you, including:

  • Workers Comp We can provide coverage for injured employees in most states
  • Building: Building coverage is available everywhere except Louisiana
  • Commercial Auto:  We can provide coverage for your automobile exposure whether it's an owned,  hired, or non-owned vehicle
  • Umbrella Insurance: We can provide limits of liability up to $10 million

Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. in Houston, TX

For all of your commercial insurance needs, turn to the professionals at Pasadena Insurance.  Our experienced staff has a working knowledge of YOUR exposures and are dedicated to serving IAKF members.

Complete the Free Quote Request form on this page and you will receive immediate attention from one of our seasoned insurance veterans, plus you will learn how to get a cup of coffee on us.

Don't just accept the Kumon insurance plan, understand what you are buying and participate in Pasadena Insurance's IAKF Insurance Program!

At Pasadena Insurance, we believe consumers should be educated on their purchasing decisions. You're not buying insurance just because you need to. You're buying it because you want to be protected in case anything bad happens.

That's why we've also created a Research Center with articles to help you. Inside, you'll find help many helpful topics.