Lawyers Professional Liability in Texas

Lawyers Professional Liability
in Texas

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Texas Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

It may seem ironic to some, but as a lawyer, you know all too well that malpractice claims against attorneys are on the rise.

You likely deal with liability for clients every day in one form or another, but what about liability to protect YOU? A lawyers professional liability policy can give you peace of mind that you or your firm can survive a lawsuit arising from a liability claim.

Who Needs Professional Liability Coverage for Attorneys? 

Client Centered

There are two types of professional liability coverage.

  • Protection for lawyers and law firms
  • Protection for employed or in-house lawyers

Since each situation is unique, they both pose different risks and need different coverage specific to their needs.

Risks & Protections for Lawyers & Law Firms

Professional liability coverage for attorneys and law firms in today’s business climate is a necessity. To protect against the many risks facing attorneys and/or law firms, as well as to satisfy any liability insurance disclosure requirements, it is wise to purchase lawyers’ professional liability insurance coverage.


  • Performing any professional legal services
  • Giving advice to clients and assisting with legal matters
  • Performing notary public or title agent services
  • Giving investment advice
  • Performing moonlighting services or pro-bono work
  • Giving “cocktail party” advice.
  • Pursuing other business opportunities with clients
  • Acting in a dual capacity, such as an officer or director for a client’s business


  • Protection from demands, suits, or proceedings for damages or injunctive relief
  • Extensions to pro-bono or moonlighting work, or “cocktail party” advice by lawyers
  • Defense against claims alleging wrongful acts (wrongful acts and claim definitions are expanded and broad)
  • Advance of defense costs, even if allegations are found to be groundless
  • Coverage for non-client claims
  • Arbitration of a coverage dispute between the insurer and the insured
  • Punitive damages coverage, or coverage of fines, statutory penalties, and sanctions

Risks & Protections for Employed Lawyers

Many in-house attorneys fail to purchase Employed Professional Liability Coverage to protect themselves against potential lawsuits. It is imperative that a successful organization and its legal staff recognize their real legal risks and then purchase coverage to protect against those risks.


  • Performing contract negotiations 
  • Giving advice to Human Resources professionals
  • Assisting with mergers and reviewing contractual language.
  • Contracts that did not work in favor of the client in which the attorney had a hand in writing.
  • Performing moonlighting services or pro-bono work


  • Protection from demands, suits or proceedings for damages or injunctive relief
  • Responds to licensing proceedings for in-house attorneys to practice law
  • Deals with compliance for SOX
  • Provides defense against claims alleging wrongful acts
  • Covers claims from coworkers that arise out of the attorney’s work at the organization

Get Lawyer Professional Liability 

Texas lawyers professional liability insurance is designed to keep lawyers & law firms functioning and covered against claims aimed at the firm. And while the cost is certainly something to question, Houston has some of the least expensive coverage available.

Don't wait any longer to make sure that you have a great liability policy and that you are saving as much money as possible.

At Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc., we have been serving Houston-area businesses since 1936. We are committed to help keep you as a lawyer or your law firm protected. 

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