HVAC Contractors Insurance

HVAC Contractors Insurance

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Houston HVAC Contractors Insurance 

As an HVAC contractor, you are tasked with managing a variety of risks every time you perform maintenance or installations on behalf of your clients.

Just one incident involving the use of electrical equipment, worker injury, or property damage can lead to costs for your business. What’s more, exposures related to equipment breakdown, crime, and environmental liability are prevalent for HVAC contractors, compounding risks for your business.

That’s why HVAC contractors insurance is so vital. It helps to keep you protected, even when the job is complete.

 Do You Need HVAC Contractors Insurance? 

In short, yes! HVAC Contractors have unique risks that need to be managed including: 

In short, yes! HVAC Contractors have unique risks that need to be managed including: 

  • Automobile Exposures: Just one accident can be extremely costly for your business, as expenses related to vehicle repairs and bodily injuries can add up quickly.
  • Property Damage: In the event of a loss caused by fires, theft, or vandalism, your business can suffer major financial consequences.
  • Installation & Transit coverage: Replacing damaged or stolen equipment that has occurred during transit or installation can have major financial consequences. With this coverage, you can make sure that the equipment you are installing is covered during transit and prior to installation at the job site. This includes damages that can be.caused by fires, theft, vandalism, or overturn.
  • Liability: Once a job has been completed, HVAC contractors can be held liable if their work product causes bodily injury or property damage.
  • Workers’ Compensation: Normal, everyday tasks related to working under sinks or carrying equipment can lead to accidents and, in turn, increased costs for your business.

Worried About the Cost?

Understandably, price is always a concern. But, with a custom insurance policy, you control what coverage you want to pay for, making it incredibly affordable.

Texas HVAC contractors insurance includes custom protection for tools, transit, and storage unique to HVAC technicians.

Get Coverage Today!

While the proper risk management practices can reduce certain exposures, no system is 100% effective in ensuring an incident-free workplace. 

As a result, it’s all the more crucial to work with a qualified insurance broker to not only assess your exposures but secure the appropriate coverage as well. 

To learn more, complete the form below. At Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc., we can get you a no-risk quote today! 

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