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Houston Wholesaler-Distributor Insurance

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Risks for Wholesale & Distribution Businesses

The wholesale-distribution business is rife with potential risks.

From managing a supply chain that spans nationally or internationally, to securing product in warehouses across several cities, states, and even countries - the potential for problems are endless.

What’s worse, you can even have issues from mistakes on the part of business partners. These problems can leave you with liability through no fault of your own.

So how do you protect against so many possible threats? You protect your business with product liability insurance.

Do You Need Wholesaler-Distributor Insurance? 

There’s no way to be in the wholesale or distribution business without coverage. This business comes with unique risks including:

  • General Liability: This includes all other risks such as malfunctions or defects in your products—including design defects or a failure to warn consumers about the dangers of using a product.
  • Supply Chain Issues: A key supplier or buyer can be debilitated for a number of reasons such as natural (floods, pandemics, earthquakes, severe storms), human (terrorism, civil disorder, electronic security breaches) or technical (power failure, hardware or software viruses). These events can have dramatic effects on supply chain partners both upstream and downstream.
  • Product Recalls: Product recalls can be devastating not only for a manufacturer but also for its wholesaler-distributors. Risks include bodily injury and property damage losses arising from the product, its packaging, its instructions for use, labels, warnings, and any other on-product messages.

It Costs Less Than You Think...

Texas wholesale distributor commercial business insurance

As a business owner, the cost of goods and services is always at the top of your mind. But the lack of proper coverage in the wholesaler-distributor business can cost much more in the long run! 

At Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc., we work to help you understand the extent of your exposure, and create a business interruption worksheet to quantify as accurately as possible the effect these exposures could have on revenue and profit.

Get Coverage Today!

Understanding risk is a crucial part of the wholesale distribution business. We’re committed to not just helping you mitigate risk, but designing a commercial insurance coverage plan that best protects you and your business.

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