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Executives May Not Serve Without This…

The executives in your organization are at major risk even if your company is private. They can easily be sued for a variety of reasons, even when it’s least expected.

In fact, the potential fallout for your firm because of such actions (even if there are only accusations) could damage or even ruin your business. The truth is, because of this personal liability exposure, the best potential executives may be reluctant to serve in any capacity in your company without the right protection.

  • Some claims that have been and can be filed against Executives, Directors and Officers are:
  • The personal assets of not only the directors and executives but those of their spouses can be pulled into a claim settlement.
  • Company investors can file a claim alleging financial reports were misleading creating a false impression of good company performance.
  • An employee can allege sexual harassment or discrimination and sue a company executive.

This is where we can help!

Allow Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. to help you navigate through the complexities of Executive Risk (also known as Directors & Officers) insurance.

The insurance can include:

  • D&O Liability- Protection and defense from lawsuits filed against your Directors and Officers. It includes asset protection for your board members.
  • Employment Practices Liability- This protects executives in the event they are sued for an alleged improper workplace practice.
  • Fiduciary Liability- This is intended to protect individuals or entities from claims that they have violated their company fiduciary obligations.
  • Kidnap & Ransom- These policies reimburse you for a loss stemming from kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention and hijacking.
  • Identity Theft/Data Information Liability- Protects and reimburses against damages resulting from identity theft.

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The Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. has been meeting the Executive Risk and other business insurance needs for firms in the greater Houston Area since 1936. We will act as your insurance advisor for these absolutely vital insurance needs.

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