Business Auto Insurance in Houston Texas

Business Auto Insurance in Houston Texas

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Even if your business vehicles are not the primary way your business makes money, they may be the primary way your company loses money. Without a great commercial auto insurance policy, you may be overpaying and left underinsured.

Business auto insurance is different than personal vehicle insurance. In many cases, not only are there multiple vehicles to cover, but also the liability from accidents or claims that will extend to your business as a whole.

Making sure the coverage for your commercial auto insurance is comprehensive is one the easiest ways to protect your business. And if you’re worried about costs, don’t be. Commercial auto insurance is remarkably inexpensive, especially given how important the protection is to your business.

What Should my Business Auto Policy Cover?

You need comprehensive coverage. When your employees use a company vehicle for business purposes, their personal auto policy coverage no longer applies in the event of an accident, property damage, or fatality caused by one of your employees. Commercial auto insurance coverage may include:

  • Comprehensive and Collision
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Uninsured Motor Vehicle
<strong>Why Your Business Needs Group Auto Insurance</strong>

Why Your Business Needs Group Auto Insurance

A Cautionary Tale

As one business owner found out, it’s always best to ask if you don’t know what type of policies you may need.

This owner had a love for fashion and a knack for finding gently used clothing. One day, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her own vintage clothing boutique.

It didn’t take long for business to start booming for the boutique. It wasn’t long before she had an epiphany: Why not complete personal deliveries for locals?
It wasn't long before she was making deliveries when the unthinkable occurred: she backed into a young man on a bicycle. While he was not seriously injured, he was hospitalized overnight for monitoring.

The next day a claims adjuster called to inform her that since she was doing business at the time of the accident, the claim would not be covered by her personal insurance policy.

Stuck with a huge hospital bill and letter of lawsuit from the biker’s attorney, she was forced to shut down her business.

Ask yourself this question: Can you afford to expose your income, your personal property, and your employees to this high-level of risk?

If the answer is “no,” then we can help. There are options for business owners.

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