Jay Karkowsky
Past President
Commercial P&C Producer


Jay Karkowsky is past president of Pasadena Insurance Agency Inc., a member of the management team, and a highly seasoned expert in the business, sales and service of property and casualty insurance to his clients. With 46 years in the insurance business, Jay took his family-owned business through its second generation, and he is recognized for high client retention rates with successful clients doing continual business with PIAI for multiple decades. Jay’s strength is relating with each customer by understanding, communicating and allocating the appropriate coverage per business need. Jay has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Law from The University of Texas at Austin. He has active licenses in General Lines - Property and Casualty and Life and Health. Jay enjoys spending time with his seven grand children and playing golf and bridge.

Contact Jay at jjk@pasins.com or office phone 713-868-6416.


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