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Founder Leo Karkowsky

Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. (PIAI) is a 81-year-old, third-generation, family-owned, boutique independent insurance agency offering property & casualty insurance, life & health insurance and consultative risk management services to individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. PIAI has a proven track record of long-term client relationships, excellent customer service and expertise in risk assessment and loss prevention. As a Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency, we have access to the majority of the insurance marketplace either through direct appointments or intermediaries resulting in the appropriate alignment of insurance carrier to client to offer a solution that meets the customer's needs. We are recognized for our high client and employee retention rates that have produced a very loyal client base with many of our client relationships spanning multiple decades. Our employees enjoy working for us as well since their average tenure is over 10 years. PIAI offers the best of both worlds: a friendly, community-based agency offering personalized, proactive customer service and many of the capabilities found in a large corporate agency with our established industry relationships, access to multiple insurance carriers and decades of experience in the business.


Our mission is to provide protection, add value to our personal and business clients and support our community. By properly protecting our clients, it enables them to focus on their families and core businesses. We strive to provide each client with equal respect and sense of urgency consistent with his insurance needs. We also provide a desirable work environment which encourages respect to others and internal growth through education and training. Additionally, we are committed to supporting community involvement in local and national charitable organizations via corporate financial contributions and encouraging employee volunteerism. PIAI is dedicated to being the insurance agency of and employer of choice, a model employer and outstanding corporate citizen.


Risk Management

The Agency has developed a special proprietary program called The Cost Control Strategy Solution™ (TCCSS) to perform its risk management services. TCCSS helps our clients save time and money by using advanced strategies to dramatically lower the frequency and severity of their claims to real, personal, intellectual and human assets. This consultative approach allows PIAI to properly protect its clients rather than bid on what the customer thinks he needs. By implementing TCCSS, the client only purchases insurance to finance potential losses he chooses not to self-insure. He also develops strategies to help prevent losses or reduce the severity of losses that inevitably occur. Finally, he is provided a plan to successfully implement and continuously review these strategies.

Property & Casualty

We offer various property & casualty insurance products and solutions for both businesses and individuals.  

Businesses are offered the opportunity to purchase both typical commercial lines products (property, flood, general liability, automobile, workers compensation and umbrella) as well as more customized coverage (including boiler & machinery, errors & omissions, directors & officers, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability, crime, employee benefits liability, cyber/data & information storage liability, etc.) matched with insurance carriers whose products and claim payment philosophies are consistent with our business clients' needs and possessions. 

Individuals are offered multiple personal lines products (homeowners, jewelry, art and other valuable articles, flood, autos, motorcycles, boats, umbrella liability, etc.) matched with insurance carriers whose philosophies are consistent with our individual clients' needs and possessions. 

We differentiate ourselves by assigning each of our property & casualty clients a highly qualified and industry-certified account manager to service our business and personal accounts. This method helps to assure our clients are protected, coverage questions are answered and claims are properly reported.

Life & Health

We offer valuable and creative life & health insurance products to both businesses and individuals. We provide employee benefits that include group insurance for health, disability, dental, life, vision, 401(k) plans, COBRA, and Section 125 plans to our business customers. We offer life, health, disability, and long term care to individuals.

We differentiate ourselves by assigning each client a highly qualified and industry-certified benefits account manager to service business and personal accounts. This method helps in assisting our clients to resolve policy issues and obtain information in a timely manner during the policy period as well as understand all options at the time of renewal.


Leo Karkowsky established Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1936 as a tenant in the back office of a dry goods store in Pasadena, TX. In 1963, PIA moved into Pasadena's newly completed and only skyscraper the First Pasadena State Bank building. In 1964, after returning from military service, Leo's only son Jay Karkowsky joined his father in property & casualty sales. In 1980, Pasadena Insurance became incorporated and Jay Karkowsky took control as president. In 1986, Frank Karkowsky joined his father in property & casualty sales as well as in the administrative side of the business. In 1992, Frank started the Agency's life & health insurance division to better provide its clients' growing insurance needs. In 1993, Ronnie Karkowsky joined his father Jay and his brother Frank at the Agency and eventually took leadership of the life & health division. In the fall of 1993, PIAI moved its offices from Pasadena, TX to its current location just outside downtown Houston, TX. The needed move better served its clients in a timely fashion and accommodated its growing client base and number of employees. In 1998, Frank started the Agency's risk management division to better compete in a changing insurance industry. In 2003, PIAI again saw a need for change and formed a strategic partnership with another local group-health insurance agency to strengthen its local and national positions with insurance carriers in the quickly changing group-health insurance business. Today, Jay's two sons Frank and Ronnie lead the agency as president and vice-president respectively into its third generation and continue Jay's and Leo's legacies of their family-owned independent insurance agency. June 2017 commemorates Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc.'s 81st anniversary protecting clients and adding value to individuals and businesses.

Contact Information

99 Detering Street, Suite 280, Houston, Texas 77007 

713-869-6991 or 800-638-1693


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