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As a professional, you are probably aware this is a litigious society.  People are willing to sue anyone for anything, whether you feel it’s justified or not.    

Consider the following liability claims that have been made against professional s in the US:

  • A municipality filed a claim against an architect for improperly sized storm water piping that couldn’t prevent the ravages of a 100-year storm.
  • A group of homeowners sued design professionals.
  • An engineering firm was sued by someone alleging improper actions with regard to their overseas contracts.
  • An architect was sued for $13 million in damage claims resulting from the design of a university life science building.
  • Officers and directors of a Wall Street firm were sued by unhappy investors for publishing allegedly misleading financial statements.

Protect Yourself from a Sue-Happy Society 

These lawsuits can come from anyone who has done business with you or worked for your firm.

Lawsuits against professionals like accountants, attorneys, architects, doctors, etc., tend to stem from the actual work they do. The first four examples above are like this.

Lawsuits against directors or officers are aimed at something that an employee may have done that the officer or director had oversight for.  This is shown in the fifth example.

In either case, you need an insurance expert to make sure you are completely protected from this critical exposure of your company. Contact Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. to make sure you have the professional liability protection that best fits your organization, whether it is for profit or non-profit.

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