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Throwing Money Away on the Wrong Group Health Insurance?

Your Group Health Insurance choices might be causing you to lose money right now!  And it’s not just happening because of high insurance premiums…

If you have a Group Health Insurance plan for your employees but you haven’t talked with our Group Health Experts at Pasadena Insurance, you may be paying too much money.

On top of that, you might also be paying for a Group Insurance plan that doesn’t fully address your employees’ needs, which puts you at risk for one of the most insidious money wasters of all: spending money on something that isn’t perceived as a benefit at all!  (productivity loss caused by discontented employees)

Losing Money due to Unhappy Employees?

When employees are not being adequately protected by their employer, they can easily lose their motivation to work at their full potential.  Tasks may not be done or may be completed half-heartedly, and employees will often make poisonous comments to one another about the company, creating an internal cancer that causes morale to suffer.

While this behavior is not blatant, it is destructive nonetheless.

Contented employees, on the other hand, produce!  If they know that your company is committed to them, your employees will commit to your company, too. They will use all of their discretionary efforts to help your business thrive.  It s simple equation: High morale equals high productivity.

Well-Designed Group Health Insurance

To maintain employee productivity at a high level, a well designed plan is an important ingredient.  Our insurance professionals at PIAI Life, Inc. will access the multiple insurance companies we represent to provide the perfect benefit package for your company.  Many benefit plans are available and we tailor the plans to meet your employee’s needs, whether employer paid or voluntary options.  We assist you in providing coverage for the catastrophic medical condition to the day to day things like prescription medications and preventive care.

(To maintain employee productivity at a high level, a thoughtful group health insurance plan is an important ingredient. Our insurance professionals at Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. will access the multiple insurance companies we represent to provide the perfect group health insurance for your firm. Many health insurance plans for groups exist out there. The challenge is discovering and precisely matching the perfect fit for your needs.

That is where our 80 plus years of combined insurance experience works to your advantage. We will help you select a group health plan that will make financial sense AND will protect your employees from a health catastrophe by providing them with preventive care.)

Pasadena Insurance Agency, Inc. in Houston, TX

We have been serving the businesses of the Greater Houston Area since 1936. As a Trusted Choice® Independent Insurance Agency, Pasadena pledges to be the trusted advisor you need for insurance matters like group health insurance for your business. This means we commit to quality service that includes offering competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled advocacy for our valued clients.

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