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Serving Liquor? Top 17 Tips to Protect Your Restaurant & Bar While Minimizing Your Liability

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Houston-area bar and restaurant owners have a lot to think about when it comes to running their business. Safety must be at the top of that list. From staff safety to food safety to the patron's safety, it is important for restaurant and bar owners to understand their risks and liabilities.

No matter what time of year, one of the biggest areas of liability comes to serving cocktails and alcohol. Your patrons may not always be making the best decisions when consuming these libations. So, your staff must be trained (and following the rules).

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5 Pain Points that all Restaurant Owners deal with

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Overcoming the 5 Pain Points of a Restaurant Owner Do you own and/or run a restaurant? Do you know your biggest challenges? And how you plan to tackle them? Although every restaurant operation is different, research says that staffing is the top pain point for restaurateurs, followed by high operating and food costs in second place, and attracting and retaining customers third. To these, we'd add a fourth: The demands of complying with rules and regulations, and increasingly stringent hygiene inspections.  And a fifth: Using technology and other trends to best effect in your business. In our experience, overcoming obstacles within your restaurant largely boils down to successfully tacking these five issues. That's no mean feat. Let's take a close look at some of the strategies a restaurant owner or manager might adopt to deliver on them. Recruiting, Training and Retaining Great Restaurant Employees Front of house employee turnover can run to well over 100% a year. That means that, on average, ...

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