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Preparing Your Business for an Active Shooter Incident

Posted on 2/18/2020 4:27 PM By Frank Karkowsky

According to the FBI, there were over 250 active shooter incidents between 2000-2017. In 2019, there were 417 mass shootings. Here in Texas, let us not forget El Paso, Odessa-Midland, and West Freeway Church of Christ. All of these tragic incidents happened recently and are too close to home. 

The threat of these types of incidents leave us living in a world where frequent lockdowns are commonplace as a precaution. For example, last month at Lone Star College the campus went on full lockdown bringing back the scary memories of the 2013 incident.

Tips to a Healthier You in 2020

Posted on 1/17/2020 7:30 AM By Frank Karkowsky

With 2020 upon us, it is a new year and a new decade. Historically, one of the top New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Unfortunately, many people look to fad diets and weight loss products to achieve their goals quickly. While fad diets may prove effective initially, research shows that many people don’t find long-term success with these types of diets.

However, we want to help create a healthier you in 2020. Healthier habits have benefits and cost savings in many areas of your life - including your life insurance and health insurance policies. We've assembled helpful tips to get you started on your health goals for this new decade.

Texas Homeowners: Tips to Survive the Winter Months & Protect Your Home

Posted on 12/4/2019 8:00 AM By Frank Karkowsky

Your home is the heart and hub of your family. Protecting your home is important to you (and to us).

While Texas winters may not have the traditional types of winter weather hazards for homeowners, we still need to be aware of the ways we are protecting your largest asset.

During the winter months, we see more activity at home because of the cooler weather and the holidays. Family visits and lifestyle changes can have an impact on your home and your exposure to risks that you might not be thinking about.

Serving Liquor? Top 17 Tips to Protect Your Restaurant & Bar While Minimizing Your Liability

Posted on 11/22/2019 11:19 AM By Frank Karkowsky

Houston-area bar and restaurant owners have a lot to think about when it comes to running their business. Safety must be at the top of that list. From staff safety to food safety to the patron's safety, it is important for restaurant and bar owners to understand their risks and liabilities.

No matter what time of year, one of the biggest areas of liability comes to serving cocktails and alcohol. Your patrons may not always be making the best decisions when consuming these libations. So, your staff must be trained (and following the rules).

Assessing Your Current Homeowner’s Insurance

Posted on 11/6/2019 7:00 AM By Frank Karkowsky

With ever-fluctuating home values, are you confident your homeowner's insurance policy limits are enough to cover the cost of rebuilding your home, should the unexpected happen? 

The cost of rebuilding your house may be higher than the price you paid for it or the price you could sell it for today. As a homeowner, you need to protect your investment. The following tips will help you ensure you have the coverage you need—eliminating worry and additional hassles.

Cybersecurity & Ransomware: The Impact on Business Owners

Posted on 10/22/2019 7:00 AM By Frank Karkowsky

In 2017, the damages caused by global ransomware was expected to exceed $5 billion. That is up from $325 million in 2015. Cybersecurity is critical for every business in the 21st century. Business owners need to understand how to protect themselves from this threat and ways to stay safe from hacks and ransomware.

First, let’s talk about ransomware. Ransomware is any type of malicious software that infects a computer and either prevents it from working as it should or prevents access to certain files until the user pays a ransom.

For Employers: Help Your Employees Understand Their Benefits & Cost-Saving Tips

Posted on 10/10/2019 10:00 AM By Frank Karkowsky

Providing group health insurance benefits for your employees is a great perk to offer! The value health insurance adds to creating a happy and healthy work environment is enjoyed by everyone year-round.

As we enter the annual open enrollment period for your group benefits, now is a good time to make sure your entire team understands the benefits that you are offering to them.

In this article, we will discuss

Teen Drivers: Roadway Tips + An App Parents Need to Know About

Posted on 9/23/2019 4:28 PM By Frank Karkowsky

Getting your driver’s license is an important milestone for any teenager. They look forward to the freedom of being able to go on their own. They are excited about increased responsibilities.

For parents...we worry. Are they ready? Will they know what to do? How fast are they driving?

For the Retail Owner: Pre-holiday Season Tips & Exposures

Posted on 9/13/2019 1:37 PM By Frank Karkowsky

Owning and operating a retail store can be a fulfilling experience. Years of hard work, risk-taking, and financial investments have allowed you to turn your dreams of opening a store of your own into a reality. However, many business owners don’t realize how many exposures they must address to keep their business operating smoothly.

With the holiday season around the corner perhaps now is the time to make sure you are properly covered as you prepare for the busy and profitable shopping season. We know that these mass shopping days during the holidays are essential to your retail business. You prepare your inventory, stock your shelves, hire temporary help, and map out your promotion calendar. Don’t overlook these common areas of risk exposure.

Flood Preparedness Tips for Texas

Posted on 8/19/2019 10:32 AM By Frank Karkowsky

Floods are one of the most common natural disasters a homeowner or business owner can face. Flooding can happen almost anywhere. Before you say “But, I don’t live in a flood plain.” Think again!

Where it can rain, it can flood.

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